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Red Bank Charter School

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How Can I Help?

The CCO (Charter Community Organization) is the PTA of the Red Bank Charter School.  We are a nonprofit 501c (3) organization where every RBCS parent/guardian is a member.  The goals of the CCO are to support RBCS through community events and activities, provide fundraising opportunities and act as a liaison for RBCS families and school administration, staff and board.  The CCO and the Red Bank Charter School rely heavily on the parents to provide assistance throughout the school year to both raise funds for the children, as well as volunteer some of their time, so the school can keep expenses at a minimum and devote more dollars directly to your child’s education.

Frequently throughout the year parents come to the CCO to ask what they can do to help out.  So we thought we might sketch out some ways in which your assistance and support could greatly benefit our school and our kids.  Everyone has different skills and we are always in a shortage for help.  Your donations of skills, time and resources are critical to the success of our school and when everyone pitches in our children are the beneficiaries.  Sometimes the hardest step is simply the first step of where to go and who to ask.  Well we can make that easy, simply email us at or drop a note in our mailbox at school or even give us a call.  We will make sure you get connected with a Committee Coordinator and get your skills put to good use.  Here are a few examples of areas of need:

I can help with cooking.  We have many events throughout the year, where good food is in high demand and can help us keep our events costs to a minimum.

I can help with labor.  The school is always in need of labor.  Whether it is getting the school painted, moving classrooms, getting the playgrounds ready for action, preparing for events or cleaning up after the celebrations are done.

I can help with connections.  We are always in need of connections to local businesses or services.  We call on them for food donations, sponsorships, gift baskets and their support. While our local businesses are usually generous, we are more likely to gain their support when we have a parent connection.

I can help financially.  We are always in a need for funds and while some parents don’t have time to volunteer or help us fundraise they may be able to support us through donations.  We are a 501 c (3) nonprofit organization and your company might even offer a special matching funds option, where for every dollar you donate they will match it.

I can help with volunteering.  All the events we plan take lots of time, planning, preparing, setting up, tearing down and organizing.  We never can have enough hands for all the events we try and run throughout the year.